October 4, 2013

Diversified Chiropractic Manipulation

Diversified chiropractic manipulation is described as a high velocity, low amplitude force to a joint in a specific line of drive to increase its range of motion and remove “subluxation”, usually in the spine, performed by the clinician’s hands.

A subluxation is a segment of the spine that has lost its normal range of motion. The adjustment helps to restore that motion thus removing hypomobility (loss of motion) in the spine. Removing this “subluxation” not only helps to restore proper motion but can reduce nerve irritation and muscle tightness.

Sometimes during an adjustment an audible release (a pop or a crack) may be heard. This is a normal occurrence and should not alarm you. The goal is not to “crack” the neck, but to rather replace the lost motion to each segment. When performed correctly there is usually little to no pain with this procedure. The adjustment is one of the most powerful tools that a manual clinician can perform on their patients.