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Our goal at Elite Total Rehab is to get you feeling better and on your way to establishing the health that you want. Your first visit will entail a thorough history of your chief complaint and family history. Upon entering our chiropractic clinic in Northwest Chicago IL, the patient will complete a short intake form to better tailor the history and the condition they are here for.

What to expect from a Northwest Chicago IL Chiropractor

To save time, please complete the new patient paperwork before your visit.

Once the intake form is complete, a history portion is taken with a conversation with Dr. Owen. At this time the patient and the doctor can discuss in detail the problem that they are experiencing. Multiple questions will be asked during this time to better understand why the patient is at our clinic. Whether they have had treatment in the past, what has worked to help with their symptoms, is this a recurring problem, what other doctors have been consulted, and whether or not diagnostic testing has been performed in the past for this problem.

Following the history the patient will be evaluated with palpation of the structure, active and passive ranges of motion, orthopedic tests, neurological evaluation, and postural analysis may be conducted. The physical evaluation allows the doctor to better understand where the problem is coming from and how to more accurately care for it.

Once all the above information is collected the doctor will share with you your diagnosis and treatment options as well as the prospected prognosis. Common questions that will be answered are: can you help me, how long will it take, and how much is it going to cost? If the patient decides to proceed with treatment it can be addressed at that time. No treatment will be given if the patient so decides. We are here to educate our patients, inform them of their condition, and offer treatment.

At Elite Total Rehab we take these extra measures to provide an accurate diagnosis and prescribe the best treatment possible. We do everything we can at our clinic to get the patient feeling better and return them to the quality of life they want. Each treatment protocol may differ depending on the patient. We offer the highest quality hands-on therapy and expect our patients to get maximal results.

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