February 21, 2012


  • Mike

    Client's Comment

    Dr. Owen did a great job reducing my shoulder pain and helping gain full range of motion, I highly recommend him. It's great to have him in the neighborhood.

  • Juan

    This was the best experience of pain free treatment I have ever had.The good Doctor got me back to work and best thing about it is that i have been pain free for the first time in a long time. Thank you Dr. Owen.

  • Joyce

    Slipped on the ice, twisted my ankle, only a couple treatments with Dr. Owen really helped. No limp and no pain!

  • Janet

    My rheumatologist diagnosed tendonitis in my right shoulder. I went to see Dr. Curtis for treatments. Within 10 visits I was experiencing full range of motion with little discomfort. What an improvement! I highly recommend Dr. Curtis Owen and especially the Graston technique.

  • Gary

    My son Max was to say the least very uncomfortable. Sufferingfrom lower back pain and a very important wrestlingcompetition looming, Curtis not only made Max feel welcomed but he was able to promote healing and put Max in a position to compete at an extremely high level. We look forward to seeing Curtis in and out of the office. The Peninsula Hotel is about service and so is Curtis. In Service, Gary (father of IHSA runner-up at at 135 lbs Freshman Max Schneider)