February 21, 2012


  •   Very professional and friendly setting. The office is also very inviting fully equipped.

    thumb Daniel B.

      Dr. Curtis is great he fixed my sore back and got me back moving again. I spent a week in pain taking Advil and nothing was changing. I now know to go to him and don't waste time. Maureen is a great massage therapist. We call on her all the time and she works out all those tension knots. My daughter swims at Taft and we bring her to Maureen to work on her overused muscles. She works wonders for her! If you have a kid in sports I would highly recommend you bring them to her. It's important to take care of the kids during their season to prevent injuries and keep them agile. I have referred many friends to her and they can't say enough great things about her. Book a massage you deserve it and you won't be sorry !

    thumb CHRIS S.

      Dealing with shoulder pain for over 8 months. Multiple visits to the Ortho, MRI's, Cortisone shots, and Physical Therapy did NOT solve any of my pain.

    Curtis was able to relieve all pain in my shoulder within 3 weeks through both soft tissue and physical therapy. I have been to other chiro's before, none have been as effective as Curtis.

    thumb Craig G.

      I was referred here by my parents who are both have 25+ yrs seniority in the USPS. I myself, am a mail carrier, was in dire need for a reliable chiropractor.

    Dr. Cutis is well worth the try! 5/5

    He targeted my specific pains that I verbally communicated along with the pains that I'd written down on my primary info sheet. Any chiropractor can do the technical things that they are educated to handle, but Dr. Curtis has a very high level of communication skill that allows him to specifically gear what the days 'work' will entail.

    With a follow up call from him (directly), I just booked my second appointment with him.

    Coming from a family of postal employees, I highly suggest the visit.

    thumb Joel R.

      I had neck pain and had no experience with chiropractic. Dr. Owen explained everything and was very engaged in insuring that I was comfortable.  

    I highly recommend Elite Total Rehab

    thumb Rhett S.

      Today was my first time visiting Elite Total Rehab and I have all great things to say. I felt extremely comfortable and Dr. Owen was extremely knowledgeable.

    thumb Natale M.
  •   So let me start off by saying I had a tremendous experience here with Dr. Curtis. I was able to call in and schedule an appointment on the same day. Dr. Curtis is very professional, knowledgeable, timely and informative! Dr. Curtis not only takes care of your back but he explains what he is doing throughout the process and truly helps you to understand what is going on with your body. I personally went in for minor aches and my family has gone in for severe issues and I can assure you that we are all beyond satisfied with the service provided. It's also an added bonus that the facility is well maintained and clean! I highly recommend that if you are looking for a chiropractor to give Dr. Curtis at Elite Total Rehab a shot!

    thumb Alex P.

      Love my visits to Elite Total Rehab.  Dr. Owen has helped me with a shoulder issue and provided me with great exercises to help me get it back to 100%.  I've also been to Elite for back issues and love that he is prompt and gets me out quickly.

    thumb Michael M.

      Let me just tell you that my experience here was absolutely wonderful. I walked in and was taken within ten minutes or less. Everyone was polite and the place was cozy. Curtis was the one who took care of me. He was very professional, very knowledgeable, and very informative. I would definitely recommend this spot to everyone I know. I'm definitely coming back!

    thumb Nicole P.

      I've been seeing Curtis for years now and he is great!  I have been also seeing Maureen King, the massage therapist there and she is amazing.  I have fibromyalgia so massage is a necessary regular treatment plan for me.  I highly recommend them both!

    thumb Michele H.

      I have been going to Dr. Curtis Owen for several years and I couldn't be happier with his services. He is more then a chiropractor. He has a vast knowledge of and experience in physical therapy which only enhances his work. Dr. Owen is always friendly and upbeat. He is extremely accommodating and always takes the best approach to making his patients feel better as quickly as possible. I highly recommend Elite total rehab.

    thumb AL M.

      I've had some tension and tightness between my thumb and forefinger.  Dr. Curtis has spent time with me, getting the muscles to relax, and then working them over, to loosen and release the tension.  Never feel rushed. Quality visits!

    thumb Rich H.
  •   I was rear-ended by a Ford F-250 on my way home from work. I had neck and back pain and a neighbor recommended Dr. Curtis Owen. I don't believe in taking medication and I prefer a holistic approach, so I called him.

    I was able to get in the following day and Dr. Owen used the Grayson technique to get into the deep tissue on my neck, back and shoulders. I felt better the next day and regained mobility in my neck. (Used on NFL players and Cirque Du Soleil performers).

    I am going back for a second visit  tomorrow. I hope to regain my mobility and flexibility so I can get back into the gym.

    thumb Mary Anne S.

      Dr Curtis is awesome. Always makes time for his patients. Thank you for always being so pleasant and most of all curing my painful back.

    thumb Sonia R.

      Dr. Curtis helped me a lot with my cervical pain.  He tried a lot of things to help.  He also gave me about 5 exercise to regularly do at home.  He took care of all the insurance paperwork and communicating with my rheumatologist regarding my progress.  Effective, timely, efficient.

    thumb Michele B.

      I pulled some back muscles squatting and went to Dr Owen for some pain relief. He was recommended by one of the pro bodybuilders at the gym.

    He used the Graston Technique,  tool assisted soft tissue mobilization, to work over the pulled muscles and it drastically reduced the pain.   Much recommended, knows what he is doing.

    thumb Gd F.

      Great place for that stiff neck that will not go away! Massage therapy at its best! Need rehab from that injury that needs help now! This is a great place to get that physical therapy that you need and they take all insurance! Right next door to Dino's pizza and lounge,so get therapy then get a great hot pizza too!

    thumb Don H.

      Dr. Curtis is AMAZING!  I saw him because I lived with pain in my foot for a year.  He treated my plantar's fasciitis with Graston tools.  I had no more pain in my foot!  He has a lot of equipment and treatments to help treat the unique needs of any patient.  He is fun to talk to and is so flexible with scheduling.  It is evident he believes in high quality chiropractic care as he spends a lot of time with each of his patients to ensure the best treatment possible.

    thumb Jennifer M.
  •   I have been dealing with low back issues for many years, and I'm thankful that I was referred to Curtis at Elite Total Rehab.  I've been treated by Curt when my back was completely out, when I've had slight pain and I've gone in for maintenance treatments when I wasn't feeling 100%.  Each and every interaction with Curt is professional, and he makes sure that he is treating the root of the issue(s).  Curt ensures that I understand how to facilitate my recovery with exercises at home.  I recommend Elite Total Rehab to anyone needing to recover from an injury!

    thumb Bridget B.

      I highly recommend Dr. Owen and Elite Total Rehab. He was able to pinpoint the cause of a curviture of my sons spine. Thanks to him my sons spine was significantly straightened. He was so nice that my son looked forward to going in to see him. He also helped me with neck pain and carpel tunnel and I am doing much better. We are very grateful to him.

    thumb Kellie J.

      Over the last 3 years or so I have seen Dr. Owen for several different injuries...knee, back and most recently my shoulder.  He was recommended to me by a friend and I'm so grateful she introduced me to him.

    When I first saw him I had messed my knee up from running.  After a few weeks of treatments I was back to my normal running routine.  He is very thorough when telling you about the injury and also what you can do at home to help ease the pain and speed up the recovery.

    My most recent workout injury is my shoulder and he has been great at helping me out.  I now know more about the muscles and tendons in my shoulder than I ever thought I would...but it's good.  He has been extraordinarily patient with me and my shoulder (I may have tried to rush the recovery only to re-injure it).  Hopefully with the treatments and at home exercises I will be back to my regularly scheduled workout soon!

    Dr. Owen really cares about his patients and doesn't view them as "just a number".  I would highly recommend him.

    thumb Kelly C.

      My initial appointment at  Elite Total Rehab was for an hour massage with Maureen. After hearing great things about her, I was beyond satisfied after the massage....she was amazing! I now go regularly and could not be happier with my massages. Dr. Owen reviewed my medical history form and saw that I had suffered from chronic migraines for years. With his guidance, I began weekly adjustments geared towards helping my migraines reduce. Within weeks, my migraines reduced and I now have been headache free for months by receiving chiropractic treatment. Dr. Owen has many great tools to treat every individuals specific needs. Being migraine free is amazing and I reccomend Elite Total Rehab to everyone!!!

    thumb Holly K.

      When my back pain finally overpowered my fear of having my bones crunched, I made an appointment with Dr. Owen.  It was definitely the right call to make.  When I showed up for my first appointment he said, "you look nervous."  And, yeah, I was.  But he was great and took the time to listen and assess my discomfort.  He then explained, in detail, all the things that are going on in my lower back (fascinating!) and how to help my situation.  After several adjustments and following his advice for a couple weeks, the knifing pains and hobbling around going "ouch!" and "oich!" every time I stood up have subsided.

    He's a tough guy who won't baby you gets to the point, but he will do everything in his power to educate you and help you leave the pain behind.    Fantastic!!!!

    Don't be scared (I know, I know, I was too).  Relief is a couple adjustments away.  Ahhhhh.

    thumb Tom D.

      I injured my back on a home-improvement project, and was laid up for weeks. The pain was terrible, and radiated into my legs. I went to Elite Total Rehab not knowing what to expect, and was very pleasantly surprised with the service and treatment I received. Dr. Owen was genuinely concerned and interested in my injury and pain, and had all the time in the world for me. I'm sure he gets the same questions about back injuries all day long, but he didn't act like it with me, and took the time to explain everything. After a couple sessions, I was well on the way to recovery. My back is good as new now, and I couldn't recommend Elite highly enough.

    thumb Michael M.